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When it comes to medical bills, we're here for you.

You're in the right place for help with your medical bills.​

Athos is here to be your medical bill advocate.

​We are your resource to answer general questions, review bills for accuracy, and negotiate out-of-network prices.​

If you don't understand something on your medical bill, there is a good chance something isn't quite right. Whether you have a simple or complex question, we're here for you. Ask away!

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Your information is always protected with HIPAA compliant security and is never shared.

Athos can help

​We confidentially answer questions about your medical bills.

We review your medical bills for accuracy, and correct any errors we find.

We negotiate the cost of your “out-of-network” medical bills.

At Athos, we operate under the simple tenet that medical bills should be accurate, and we strive to make them so.

Bill Review and Negotiation Steps​

  • Securely Submit Your Information

    To start a review or negotiation, register and log in through Athos' secure online portal. If you have a more general question, you can also schedule a time to have an advocate call you directly.

  • Talk To An Athos Advocate

    As part of submitting your information, you'll schedule a time to have an Athos advocate call you to discuss the details of your case.

  • Gather Additional Information

    Your advocate may ask you to gather and submit additional information (e.g., an itemized bill). In some cases, you may also be asked to sign a standard release form so Athos can work directly with your insurance company or provider's billing department.

  • Athos Resolves Any Medical Bill Issues On Your Behalf

    Athos uses industry expertise to correct any billing errors, and negotiate with out-of-network providers to ensure you pay a fair and accurate price for your medical care.

Common Questions

How do medical bill errors occur?

  • Medical bills are determined by a combination of inputs from the nurse, doctor, coder, and varying insurance company policies. It’s easy for errors to occur and go unchecked.​

Do medical bill errors really happen?

  • Yes. Various studies report errors anywhere from 7-93% of the time on specific types of medical bills, and the estimated overcharges at roughly 24%.

Who has access to my information?

  • Personally identifiable information is never shared with anyone outside of Athos and is protected with HIPAA compliant security.

Will Athos contact my doctor?

  • Most medical billing is handled by office staff or administrators, and not your physician. Athos requests case notes and itemization of bills, so your doctor is rarely involved.

Does Athos negotiate in-network medical bills?​

  • While in-network providers may have high prices as well, they also have predetermined rates set by your insurance company. Therefore, we are unable to negotiate them on your behalf.

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